Billings Firefighters Benevolent Fund

Firefighters contributing beyond the scope of their normal duties.

Raffle tickets are now available from your local FireFighters.

Thank you First Federal Trust Bank for your generous donation of $5000.00.

The Billings Firefighters Benevolent Fund is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit started with a core value of firefighters helping their community. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been distributed to those in need in the Billings community and beyond since its inception. We use these funds to help families displaced from their home due to a fire, give to families with emergency medical costs, help firefighters who get sick or injured, and many other causes around the Billings community. We also assist other nonprofit organizations by supporting their events and providing donations for their cause. Every year, members of the Billings Firefighters and their families donate their time to assist in fundraising events and community outreach.

Mission Statement:

The Billings Firefighters Benevolent Fund mission is to assist the community and the fire family in time of crisis. The Fund enables Firefighters to contribute beyond the scope of their normal duties.